Monday, August 3, 2020

Declaration of Freedom

Alphonso McGriff

I’ve got no GURANTEES for NOBODY. If we cross paths and enjoy some time, then wonderful I’m having GREAT CHALLENGES with meeting EXPECTATIONS of myself and COMMITMENTS to myself. I CAN NO LONGER LIE to YOU with the idea of meeting YOUR anticipated expectations and commitments from ME…too impossible, too unreasonable, and too stressful


TIME don’t give one single damn about how we use it. IT’S GOING TO PASS REGARDLESS.


I have chosen to ENJOY TIME such as much as possible. YOU wanna’ ROLL? That’s cool, If not, then that’s cool also, but EXPECT to be DISAPOINTED if there is any hope that I am going to attempt MEET YOU EXPECTATIONS of ME. That’s OVER.


Call it SELFISH. Call it WEAK. Call it INSENSITIVE. If that works for YOU, then that’s BEAUTIFUL. But Imma’ do what works for ME ‘cause there is NOTHING more IMPORTANT in this entire existence than HOW I FEEL ‘BOUT ME.



Wednesday, July 1, 2020


The goal of all entrepreneurs is to service a want or desire. If you can find out want your market wants or needs, the money will come into your hands. What is money? Memorize this acronym:

M- My brand

O- Own the message

N-Natural emotion

E-Energy in product

Y- Yield profits

Monday, June 1, 2020


As an entrepreneur, we will have to be cook, bottle washer, and waiter in the early stages. However, you must have mini goals for each position or everything will be pointless. For example, if my goal is to open a culture center for the community, one must be focused. Otherwise, the project cannot be achieved. We have to develop relationships with others.

 We choose our partnerships carefully to be in harmony. As visionaries we belong to a specific community and our closest fellowships should be on the same accord. Mavericks must never forget our objectives; we are innovators for the futures. What is the definition of focus: 



* Course

* Unit

* Successfully

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


1.       Memba a go undaneat the cellar fi the fowl egg (yes I do)

2.       Memba playing "Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, All Dressed In Black Black Black"

3.       Memba a kick foot ball wid yu fren dem roun' a ball grong

4.       Memba when Cristmus come and we watch JohnCunu jump up and down and we get fraid?

5.       Memba yu madda sen yu go a shop and yu sing the list all the way deh ... "one pint milk, one bread, 1 lb a flour. But when yu reach deh, yu tell the shop keeper yu want "1 pint of bread, 1 lb of milk & a flour

6.       Memba when yu last yu madda money and yu fraid fi go back home because she might beat yu

7.       Memba settin up the roosta dem fi fight

8.       Memba all dem good duppy story, and nancy story wi 'ear growing up

9.       Memba how yu use to fraid fi walk a night cause yu tink sey black-heart-man woulda tek yu weh

1.   Memba when bokkle cut yu foot bottam dung a gully

1.   Memba when yu use to stone Missa Smith mango tree dem, and we use to tink seh him have gun

1.   Memba when yu left all day and go a rivva an go cook and when yu come come yu get a beaten

.   Memba when yu unifarm get dirty Monday marning, and Yu madda beat yu ina di evening

Sunday, March 1, 2020


1.            Memba Christmas time when everybody a mek a suit fi gran market night, mama stay up a bake cake, draw sorrell, cook curry goat, don't figet the case a D&G soda and red stripe beer weh unda the bed

2.            Memba when a ginnep seed fly dung yu throat and smaddy 'ave fi lick yu back fi mek it fly back up

3.            Memba when yu swallow chewing gum & dem seh yu ago ded cause it ago tie up yu tripe Memba a come fram school and stap fi get the last piece a Miss Brown toeto and a sky juice

4.            Memba dem seh nuh buy nuh sky juice fram Mr. Tom because 'im ave sore foot

5.            Memba when dem seh nuh buy bun & cheeze from juicie cause him use di knife cut & clean him toenail

6.            Memba saving part a lunch money fi buy ice cream fram creamy weh come pan Sunday

7.            Memba a fling stone fi lick dung ginnep and the stone bus yu bredda head

8.            Memba the peanut man ... the jackfruit lady ... the orange man ... the sarda-pan man

9.            Memba a play marble wid yu bredren dem

10.          Memba a go a bush wid yu fadda

Monday, February 3, 2020


1.            Memba when yu and yu fren dem decide seh unu a go run a boat, the biggest cart wheel dumplin yu eva si!

2.            Memba when coming fram school ina di rain and yu tek off yu shoes and walk barefoot all the way home a race board horse inna di gutter water

3.            Memba when dem use fi gi weh free milk powder and bulga rice a school, an' yu play milk powder war all the way home

4.            Memba when dem good rice and peas and chicken Sunday dinna with a nice refreshing glass ah carrot juice

5.            Memba when yu 'ave roast breadfruit and ackee and salt fish breakfast jus' barely a day afta yu Saturday Peas soup wid cho-cho, turnip, carrot an' punkin

6.            Memba when teacha beat yu because yu neva do yu homework

7.            Memba marning time when yu reach a school jus in time fi devotion and yu betta mek sure yu ave yu hym book and yu bible, yu pleat dem betta in order and yu khaki well starch

8.            Memba dem good ole starch uniform ( coudda stan up by demself ) and yu nice shine brown or black shoes

9.            Memba when yu madda use fi seh "Go pick a switch mek a beat yu"

Thursday, January 2, 2020


1.            Memba when you do all you homework at school so dat as yuh reach home you ramp so til you hear smadddy shout out...

2.            "yuh madda a ccooooommme!" and yuh dash inna yuh house and change yuh school uniform as yuh would surely get a beaten fi inna yuh uniform at 6pm.

3.            Memba when yuh go school 7 days a week fi keep yuh outa trouble. Mon - Friday regular school and private lesson, saturday class, and sunday school at church which is a half day affair.

4.            Memba if yuh 'kin poopah lick' and bu'st out you pants, yuh get a beaten

5.            Memba 10 cent bulla and jackass corn

6.            Memba when you turn on the tv at 4pm and wait till JBC sign on at 5pm, stand at attention sing the national anthem, and den sit back and watch some cartoon. And dont figet di Big Bwoy story whey you did haffi hide and tell

7.            Memba when yu a come fram school and stop fi pick cherry off Mass John cherry tree and dawg run yu dung

8.            Memba when yu madda sen yu fi tek the clothes fram affa di line but yu wait til night den yu fraid fi go by yuself

9.            Memba when yu fraid fi go a shop by yuself a night because Miss Matty jus' dead and yu tink yu might si har duppy