Thursday, September 21, 2017

Save the Cock Pit Country

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Friday, September 1, 2017

10 steps for entrepreneur thinking

Being a unique person, the entrepreneur will be the one who turns right when everyone else is going straight ahead; they won’t go along to get along. Fear is a paralyzing thing that will keep you at work collecting the paycheck even though you know it is mind numbing. If the options aren’t visibility obvious, look within to figure out what the community needs or encouraged to need. Here are some ideas to consider:

1.       Learn to keep the public wanting your product or service. For you to be independent, you must always create a scenario that you are wanted or needed. No one needs 10 pairs of shoes but if the shoes are marketed in a particular manner, you will have customers.

2.       Use selective uprightness and kindness to disarm your potential customer. One best way to do this is a timely gift or open praise in a reputable public arena. This will disarm the mark and can impact their will.

3.       If you need support, appeal to the person’s self-interest and never to their mercy or gratitude. Don’t bring up past deed for they will find a way to ignore you. Instead, find a way to show how their participation will be beneficial.

4.       Position yourself as a comrade, toil as a scout. Know who are your competitors and the demographics you are trying to appeal is critical to how you will market your product or service. Probe, by asking indirect questions.

5.       Defeat your opponent thoroughly. If you don’t do that, they will recover and will seek revenge. You must completely destroy body and spirit. They will think twice about attacking. No checkers here, this must be a chess move.

6.       Use deficiency to garner respect and honor. Don’t give everything away at the beginning. Create an appetite. The more you are seen and heard from, the newness wears off. You will appear common not unique.

7.       Possess others in suspension. Cultivate an air of unpredictability; the public will be anticipating the next big thing. This also gives you a way to control the narrative. Keep them guessing.

8.       Don’t form a fortress to protect yourself. Isolation is dangerous. You want your consumers to feel they have some sort of connection to your brand. Why else would they purchase or support anything that is connected with you? You will also lose touch and not detect change that always occurs.

9.       Know who and how to deal with people. Don’t underestimate people or their allies. If you offend the wrong person, this will impact your network and bank account. Be respectful at all times and don’t be so overt when you are making plans.

10.   Do not obligate yourself to anyone. If you rush to take sides, you lose your .independence; you become the master of others. Make them peruse you; therefore, constructing a way for them to bring more to the table.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Machiavelli’s Legacy

"Machiavellianism" is a widely used negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians. Niccolò Machiavelli is widely known for his book: The Prince. Niccolò’s book describes true human behavior. Yes, some of these things are unscrupulous but it is the reality of the world, especially in many business ventures. How can one navigate through other people’s business treachery? Apply these techniques:

1.       Play the fool to catch the wise is an old saying. Use it! Make your opponents feel they are smarter than you. Once they think this way, your ulterior motives won’t be called into suspect.

2.       If your opponents are stronger than you, don’t fight them for ego and honor. Don’t give them the satisfaction of defeating you. Make surrender a tool of power for they become confused about your next move.

3.       Play on your strengths. Highlighting your strong points and minimizes attention to your weak points. Don’t waste valuable time going everywhere; focus and target your niche.

4.       Master the art of courtier. This is a person who gains favor through flattery and charm. When you know how and what to say at the appropriate time, there is no limited opportunity for you.

5.       Progress means recreating yourself. Never accept societal norms. The one that commands attention will never bores an audience. Always strive to be unique for no one cares or remember commonalty unless it is for their political or economic interest. Whether it is clothes or gestures, your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life.

6.       Always keep your hands clean. Never be the heavy. Let scapegoats and the invisible hand disguise your involvement. Draw the negativity to someone else.

7.       Find out what cult like following your audiences are vulnerable to supporting. Many people have strong desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. It is important to keep the words vague but full of promises. People will see and hear what they want to hear.

8.       Fake it till you make it. Better to do something with boldness than timidity. How can you lead if you don’t believe or project it? The audience will also pick up on this and you lose your creditability.

9.       Fight to the finish. It is never about how you start but who crosses the finish line. By planning it to the end, you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop.

10.   Make the end product seem effortless. Behaving naturally and at ease will show confidence as if it is normal and you could have done more.  We all know the behind the scenes of blood, sweat , tears but never project that aura to the public.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Ways Entrepreneurs keep power

Having a product or service is the business of the entrepreneur. By spotting an area of need and targeting that particular niche, you will be wealthy. However, you must be tactful in gaining the public’s trust and obtaining power. Here are ten ways to sure up your influence:

1.       Governor the options by getting others to play the cards you deal. This is about controlling the narrative. Provide options and support both sides, that way it does not matter what they chose. It is your products they are choosing.  i.e.  Diet soda verse regular, if you are selling both, aren’t you making the money?

2.       Perform to people’s imagination. The world can be an ugly place. Why bring up unpleasant memories or highlight things that can’t be changed? Create romance or invoke illusions the consumer secretly desire. If I wear this, I can get that. I want, so I will buy.

3.       Discover their vulnerabilities. We all have them but most people are guarded. Once these insecurities are located, turn on the charm to your advantage. The less you are guarded the more you will trust in the product or service.

4.       Embrace your inner king or queen. Behave as if you are destined to be a success. If you are successful, then others will want to follow your lead. You will lead them to open their wallet and buy whatever you are selling. Never appear vulgar for you will be disrespected in the long run.

5.       Timing is everything. The good book tells you to be anxious for nothing. If you appear hurried, others will react by negotiating for far less than you wanted to offer. The less interested you appear, the more superior you seem.

6.       Give off captivating spectacles. This can be done with a glitzy presentation, ritzy clothes or body language. If you dazzle, no one will detect your ulterior motives. Notice some celebrities are famous for being famous. They don’t have a particular skill but they do impact the public.

7.       If you ignore things you don’t or can’t have, you give the appearance that you are the winner. If you acknowledge petty problems, this will be high lightened to the public and will impact your brand. If anything is off, change it but be subtle.

8.       Go along to get along is sometimes the best solution. If you make a show of going against the grade, it might back fire for people can think you only want attention and they will look down on you or your brand. Yes you want to impact your audience but do it in a non-threatening manner. Ego is everything.

9.       Place ripples in the waters. Being angry and too emotional is counterproductive. Attack your competitors’ armor but don’t show how it was done. Stay calm and you gain the advantage by putting your opponents off balance.

10.   Be cautious of free lunches. What has value always comes with a price. This does not always mean money. Time, investment are also expensive. Things that cost the least, has a higher price point. What’s in it for them? How do they benefit? Paying your own way relives you form gratitude, guilt and deceit.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Entrepreneur: Machiavellian Style

There is a reason why a pamphlet that was written in 1400 is still relevant today: it works. How you obtain and keep stays the same. Only the characters are different. All leaders read the book and memorize its tactics. Entrepreneurs are natural leaders and should pay attention to how your product or service will remain viable.

1.       Be a leader. Never walk in someone’s shadow. Whether it is an overbearing parent or ego driven boss, move from under their shadow in a timely manner. If you don’t, they will always get the credit for what you do. Plus you will have to do double the work and still get half the reward.

2.       Remove the leader and their followers will scatter. Most people follow a social order where you have a hierarchy in place; you see this in your personal and professional life. The best way to get the public on your side is to topple the leader of the pack. If you don’t, people will succumb to their influence. Nullify their influence as soon as possible.

3.       Feelings and perception is everything. Long before you buy, a positive vibe had to be in place and that is what the leader is cognizant of before the consumer. Coercion never works because the person will turn on you in your moment of weakness. Seduction is the best route. That way they become loyal to you without negativity. Soften up their resistance.

4.       Defuse and irritate with the mirror effect. Mirrors will do two things: disarm and diffuse the issue. Your opponent or competitor will not figure out your strategy. By holding up the mirror to their psyche, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values – they become disarmed and trust is invoked.

5.       Preach the need for variation but never alter too much at once. We humans are a creature of habit so too much too fast can back fire. If you are an outsider coming in, be sure to show that you are respectful for the past but gently show how your way will be bigger and better for their self-interest.

6.       No one likes a show off. Envy creates silence enemies.  Presentation is everything.  Occasionally admit to harmless vices to show you are just a human as they are which is why they can trust your brand.

7.       Don’t go past the mark, learn when to stop. One of the biggest icon photos is Ali punching out Forman. Ali had more in him but he stopped, which is why that photo is so memorable. Don’t be a bully. The public will turn on you even though you won.

8.       Adopt Shapelessness. Everything changes and you can’t be a solid object set in stone. Your competitors will learn how to take a hold of you for their agenda. If you are formless, they have nothing to grasp, which gives you the upper hand. Entrepreneurs must have a backup plan, so be flexible.

Monday, May 1, 2017

9 ways to grow and sustain your business

Entrepreneurs are creative people. What are the tricks of the trade? If you are in business, follow these steps. If you want to go into business again I say follow these steps. No longer can you depend solely on your 9-5 as your only source of revenue. 

1.       Everybody needs money and capital. Some sources are SBA, ,,

2.       Be flexible to change. What is your credit rating?

3.       A brand can create multiple streams. For example, Brand X can create t-shirts, eBooks, online seminar and host events in exotic places. Can we say Jamaica?

4.       Money can be tight at times; therefore, you might have to negotiate with your vendors and client. Remember you don’t get what you want; you get what you negotiate in life.

5.       Watch your cash flow. Never let your invoice go past 30 days. Know what and when your money is coming to you.

6.       Always focus on your customer’s needs. You might be the best in your field but someone else can and will do it better. You must be on point and take nothing for granted.

7.       Current customers are the best referrals for future customers.

8.       Market your company or brand continually on social media as well as other outlets. Attend conferences and seminars.

.       Learn trends; remember you are always a student.



Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They have decided to charter their own course instead of following the templet set out in front of them. So, what are the keys to their success? Why are they unique? If you would like to be a successful entrepreneur, here are some suggestions that should be in your mindset:
1.       Put yourself in the game. You can’t win if you are on the sidelines.

2.       Don’t wait to be rescued; build your own raft. No spouse, no friend or parent can help you do the work. If you want a flat stomach, you will have to do the daily sit ups.

3.       Don’t wait for someone to give you the answers. How do you know what they are telling you is right for you and not their agenda? Create your own blueprint and be your own hero.

4.       Take the risk. Many will ask why you would do that. Don’t live your life by what others think. You will limit yourself for other people’s happiness and their comfort zone.

5.        Remember this is an inside job that begins with self-image. Who you are authentically, will be who you are successfully. Capitalize on your uniqueness.

6.       Don’t spend, invest. Going to network events, conventions and seminars will cost money. However, look at the rewards. You might meet a good mentor, clients and many other opportunities that you never considered. For what you purchased, look at what you gained.

7.       Believe in yourself and worth. Many disconnect with yourself because you don’t know your power.  It is not unusual; to see elephants being led by a small person or a domesticated lion is being pushed around in animal sanctuaries. A long time ago someone trained these large beasts to be grateful and dependent.  Is that you?

8.       Say yes to your desires. Don’t say no or maybe. When will you get up and live your life of abundance? When someone says no, don’t be ok with that. No one should settle for crumbs or scraps from the table. Leave that scarce mentally alone.

9.       Always have integrity. Practice what you preach.  If you don’t, that very person you messed up will not be silent and your misbehavior will impact future clients. Don’t mess up your future by not following through. The world is small and the internet is large.

10.   Connect with the bigger purpose. Yes, you want a nice paycheck but everything has a price and your happiness will cost you. Why price are you willing to pay? Always try to be ethical and have values. Now ask yourself: “how committed am I to get what I want?”