Saturday, January 6, 2018

The benefits of Bitt Coin

By Janice K. Maxwell

Multiple streams of income is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Entrepreneur must be a way of life for islanders and diasporans.  No longer are companies hiring for 40 years. Flexibility is the new paradigm in the working world. In today’s working world many companies are only employing part time or contracting the work. Getting paid for service rendered has a new paradigm shift from standard currency. 

Bitt coin distribution will be cheaper, faster and better for the Caribbean community.  It allows for value transfer to occur digitally. These new financial transfer companies will look at the fundamental legacy based systems that serve a monetary purpose and make the system more efficient. It will be more stable and mobile transfer with integrity. Technology now comes to the world of finance in the Caribbean with ease.

Bitcoin is a pair to pair electronic cash system that went through a process using electricity. No one person or entity has full control; therefore, making it transferable and accountable. It serves as a network protocol i.e http, smtp and as a value system. This became a store of wealth and was designed around deflationary principles. Only 21 million bit coins will ever exist over a 64 year period. Bit coin is an open source program that was released on the internet that a community built around and it started to serve a purpose that create good utility for consumers. Every sequence that the bit goes through will do so on a block chain.

This is a series of transactions that is chronologically timed stamped one after the other and stored in a container called the block chain, which produces a block chain. That block is tied to other blocks. The next chronical block is in the form of a math sequence called merkle roots. This means everyone will have the same uniform ledger that can not be altered or destroyed. It also means that central banks can issue out their national currency digitally on the block chain. Digital cash issuance means you can prove the validation process. Consumers can get their goods using digital dollars visa vie having money on their mobile phones. This will reduce on the fees that take away from the actual amount of remittance that was originally sent as well as reduction in time for the funds to be available.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Money Programs

What is a money program? Are there specific rules? The money program will solve an issue and open doors for you. This will be determined by your passion.

                Who or what makes you feel enough passion for motivation? That special sensation is a clue to how you will utilize a money program. Your emotions are a clue to your priorities. Do you know what they are? Here are 7 rules to adhere to a money program:

1.       Set goals. i.e. I am going to save 10% of all my revenue streams

2.       Plan your money ideas in writing. Yes, you can dream it in your mind but put it in writing to give you something tangible.

3.       Giving unlocks abundance; call it karma or tiding. You can only receive with an open hand
4.       Automate your investing. On every payday, have your  check deduct a set amount and place in investing .

5.       Stop worrying. What good will that does for your spirit? Say to yourself “ more money is part of my blessing”

6.       Learn your credit score.  It’s free!  Trans Union and Euquifax will send your credit score once a year.

7.       Always keep an eye out for new income streams for it is never too late to be an entrepreneur.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

7 Things you do to improve your chances of becoming employed

Do you have an adventures spirit? How flexible are you in terms of changing careers? One never knows. If you want to try something different, apply these techniques.

1.       Relocation, if you’re not married or have school age children. Think about moving. There are less job options in Chicago, IL but a lot more work to be found in Atlanta GA.

2.       Join Linkedin. You name it, all the heavy hitters are there and so should you.

3.       Attend job fairs. This is more effective than ads in the newspaper or online job sites. The recruiter will have a direct connection with you face to face, which is you advantage to make a good impression.

4.       Do you have a passport? Counties like Dubai and 3rd world countries are an entrepreneurs dream.

5.       Get on social media. It is no longer a site for you to search for friends or a lost love. Brands such as Apple or BMW all have a social media presence, so why not you?

6.       Increase you resume submission to more than 4 per day.

7.       Get affiliated with professional organizations

Monday, October 2, 2017

Making Jamaica A Better Place

Written Dr. John Lennon

Jamaica is in a dire and deteriorating position. Remittances save those lucky enough to have relatives abroad but for the less fortunate life is a daily struggle for survival. What do you do if your child needs a US$180 MIR scan? Medical treatments are out of reach of many. The growth in crime is not a surprise since our growth industries are poverty and desperation.

I believe that if we reduce our fuel bills we could redirect hundreds of millions of USD to education, health, roads etc. Last year our fuel bill was US$4.75 billion. Also, for meaningful change to occur the diaspora must be involved in our decision making. What they're doing works for the few.
My name is Dr John Lennon (born during Beatlemania). I'm a British expatriate living in Montego Bay. I was born in the UK but spent my teenage years in Clarendon. My passions are education and the environment and I want to build the first waste-to-energy plant on the island. The electricity generated would be sold to the grid and the profits used for education. This would be the first step towards the creation of a transparent renewable energy industry: paying a living wage and all profits for the people.

Making a difference
A wise person said "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". I wanted to make a difference so I sold my UK home with plans to finance a solar facility at a school. The leasing proposal would have saved thousands of US dollars every month. My home was my pension but the rental income benefited only me, so this was a better arrangement:
I'd employ someone to clean/manage two beaches. Every year 2000 students would benefit. The school would inherit the facility on my death. The project did not transpire. I contacted 6 schools and at the time of writing they are all on the grid. 

Jamaica's energy goals investors first....
Our leaders have been pursuing energy alternatives since the 1970s which is logical since fuel is by far the greatest contributor to the cost of our electricity. It is around 75% of our bills and our rates are amongst the highest worldwide. This is a perpetual problem for most people and for economic growth. Hence targeting cheap, clean fuels should be the goal.

Jamaica receives enough sunshine to supply approximately 5 times our annual energy requirement but 40 years later we generate only 3% of it from solar. An administration of a decade ago stated that savings of US$60 million per annum could be generated from waste-to-energy. So we should be saving hundreds of millions annually: sunshine and organic waste are free.  China recently connected a US$52 million 50 MW solar array to their grid (free fuel) but here investors are constructing a US$330 million natural gas 190 MW power plant ($$$ fuel). Analyze those numbers. So we're committed to expensive, fossil fuel electricity. Here, investors come first and the people and the planet come last. 

Here are some alternative solutions:
We generate the finance for a waste-to-energy plant then grants and low interest loans would be seek for expansion and other projects. The objectives: real job creation; improved waste management: less burning of garbage, less landfill and cleaner environment; solar powered schools so increased spending on education; solar powered street lighting (we owe over US$35m to JPS) and government buildings (annual bills over US$100m ) and vast savings including a reduction in the fuel bill. Cheaper electricity will help the majority and promote growth & jobs. Greener electricity will aid tourism and help the planet. Improved education will create a better and fairer society.

We need change
All of the above should have been done years ago. It is inexcusable. Now the parliamentarians are waiting for investors to create the waste-to-energy industry. Their industry will be low wages and profits benefiting the few so it is essential that we step in - facilities in every parish, jobs, recycling. You can read more and contact me at:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Save the Cock Pit Country

Save the Cock Pit Country! Please click on link below:

Friday, September 1, 2017

10 steps for entrepreneur thinking

Being a unique person, the entrepreneur will be the one who turns right when everyone else is going straight ahead; they won’t go along to get along. Fear is a paralyzing thing that will keep you at work collecting the paycheck even though you know it is mind numbing. If the options aren’t visibility obvious, look within to figure out what the community needs or encouraged to need. Here are some ideas to consider:

1.       Learn to keep the public wanting your product or service. For you to be independent, you must always create a scenario that you are wanted or needed. No one needs 10 pairs of shoes but if the shoes are marketed in a particular manner, you will have customers.

2.       Use selective uprightness and kindness to disarm your potential customer. One best way to do this is a timely gift or open praise in a reputable public arena. This will disarm the mark and can impact their will.

3.       If you need support, appeal to the person’s self-interest and never to their mercy or gratitude. Don’t bring up past deed for they will find a way to ignore you. Instead, find a way to show how their participation will be beneficial.

4.       Position yourself as a comrade, toil as a scout. Know who are your competitors and the demographics you are trying to appeal is critical to how you will market your product or service. Probe, by asking indirect questions.

5.       Defeat your opponent thoroughly. If you don’t do that, they will recover and will seek revenge. You must completely destroy body and spirit. They will think twice about attacking. No checkers here, this must be a chess move.

6.       Use deficiency to garner respect and honor. Don’t give everything away at the beginning. Create an appetite. The more you are seen and heard from, the newness wears off. You will appear common not unique.

7.       Possess others in suspension. Cultivate an air of unpredictability; the public will be anticipating the next big thing. This also gives you a way to control the narrative. Keep them guessing.

8.       Don’t form a fortress to protect yourself. Isolation is dangerous. You want your consumers to feel they have some sort of connection to your brand. Why else would they purchase or support anything that is connected with you? You will also lose touch and not detect change that always occurs.

9.       Know who and how to deal with people. Don’t underestimate people or their allies. If you offend the wrong person, this will impact your network and bank account. Be respectful at all times and don’t be so overt when you are making plans.

10.   Do not obligate yourself to anyone. If you rush to take sides, you lose your .independence; you become the master of others. Make them peruse you; therefore, constructing a way for them to bring more to the table.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Machiavelli’s Legacy

"Machiavellianism" is a widely used negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians. Niccolò Machiavelli is widely known for his book: The Prince. Niccolò’s book describes true human behavior. Yes, some of these things are unscrupulous but it is the reality of the world, especially in many business ventures. How can one navigate through other people’s business treachery? Apply these techniques:

1.       Play the fool to catch the wise is an old saying. Use it! Make your opponents feel they are smarter than you. Once they think this way, your ulterior motives won’t be called into suspect.

2.       If your opponents are stronger than you, don’t fight them for ego and honor. Don’t give them the satisfaction of defeating you. Make surrender a tool of power for they become confused about your next move.

3.       Play on your strengths. Highlighting your strong points and minimizes attention to your weak points. Don’t waste valuable time going everywhere; focus and target your niche.

4.       Master the art of courtier. This is a person who gains favor through flattery and charm. When you know how and what to say at the appropriate time, there is no limited opportunity for you.

5.       Progress means recreating yourself. Never accept societal norms. The one that commands attention will never bores an audience. Always strive to be unique for no one cares or remember commonalty unless it is for their political or economic interest. Whether it is clothes or gestures, your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life.

6.       Always keep your hands clean. Never be the heavy. Let scapegoats and the invisible hand disguise your involvement. Draw the negativity to someone else.

7.       Find out what cult like following your audiences are vulnerable to supporting. Many people have strong desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. It is important to keep the words vague but full of promises. People will see and hear what they want to hear.

8.       Fake it till you make it. Better to do something with boldness than timidity. How can you lead if you don’t believe or project it? The audience will also pick up on this and you lose your creditability.

9.       Fight to the finish. It is never about how you start but who crosses the finish line. By planning it to the end, you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances and you will know when to stop.

10.   Make the end product seem effortless. Behaving naturally and at ease will show confidence as if it is normal and you could have done more.  We all know the behind the scenes of blood, sweat , tears but never project that aura to the public.